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Office 106, Building 2046, Road 4564, Sanad 0745, Kingdom of Bahrain
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Mathew International Construction is an advanced contracting company which focuses on specialized construction activities such as Waterproofing, Light weight Screed, Thermal insulation and General Maintenance works.

The Company was established in the year 2009

The Company was established in the year 2009 and since its inception, the company has placed its primary focus on thermal insulation and waterproofing related works. As a leading contractor, we have an extensive assortment of specialty products, determined to provide permanent solutions in insulation, sealing and protection.

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Our vision

Our vision is to emerge as a prominent technical provider and to develop comprehensively in terms of size, location and product portfolios by fulfilling the needs of our customers through enhanced technologies, innovative materials and by adopting latest techniques of application.

‘Quality, not Quantity’ and ‘Eminence, not Amount’

‘Quality, not Quantity’ and ‘Eminence, not Amount’ is the criteria of MIC with which we work prioritizing to meet customers’ requirement by valuing their money.

To enhance the quality of technological change towards modernization with appropriate prediction of its impact as well as taking current developments in transformation to alter its economic status. Mathew International Construction’s Mission Statement are as follows:

Utmost satisfaction and customer relationship
Integrate Innovations
Excellence Quality
Adherence to deadline
High level of Business values
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Leaders in the Waterproofing Industry

Our team has a wealth of experience that could help you in all the ways of necessities. If you have a renovation project or need specific advice, we are happy to visit the site, conduct a survey and give any design or installation information relevant to your project. A free technical and advisory service is available which is fast and efficient with your queries, either by telephone or email at your close.

"Unskillful labours and lack of job awareness will cause a project to the state of destruction,
Whereas MIC works with sincerity, efficient labours and qualitative products to give our customers a satisfactory result. We could remain in the Bahrain market of Waterproofing due to the efficiency of our staffs, services and products"
Our Services

Top-Quality Solutions for water leakage problems

Mathew International Construction will provide solutions to all the water leakage problems that may occur in any type of building – homes, apartments, business premises, industrial facilities, and any other construction.

The Company will also provide insulation system installation services, light weight screed works, and crack injection system repairs.

Quickest Way to Provide solutions to all the water leakage
MIC’s construction-Following are the services :

MIC waterproofing solutions includes waterproofing works for basement, roofs, balconies, water tanks, swimming pools and wet areas of the buildings


MIC provides Thermal Insulation for buildings to resists from the transfer of Heat from exterior to interior


MIC supplies Light Weight screed which can be used in roof decks and as floor screeding, thereby yielding better thermal resistance than concrete


MIC crack injection techniques seal the crack and stops water penetration from such cracks


MIC undertake repair, renovation, extension and maintenance work of buildings


MIC undertake repair, renovation, extension and maintenance work of buildings


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